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Commingling is a process for producing highly flexible thermoplastic prepregs.  Concordia’s unique process intimately blends unsized continuous filament carbon fiber with unsized continuous filament thermoplastic fibers to produce a yarn that can be woven or braided into fabrics.  These commingled fabrics can then be molded into complex thermoplastic composite shapes or tubes when put under heat and pressure.

Commingled Fibers




Commingled Fiber can be braided or woven to form flexible, drapeable prepregs.



Industries Served


Why Thermoplastics?

  • Toughness.
  • No solvent emissions during processing.
  • Faster cycle times.
  • Welded joints superior to adhesive bonds.
  • Infinite shelf life without refrigeration.
  • Recycle potential.
  • Flexible Commingled Fibers enhance the ability to produce complex forms.