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Some design considerations for Engineered Yarns

  • Fabric formation.  What kind of process will the yarn see as it is formed into a fabric: weaving, knitting, braiding, or other process?
  • Polymer selection. What are the key design objectives: Strength? Chemical resistance? Moisture resistance? Abrasion resistance? Cost?
  • Yarn size or denier.  How fine or heavy a fabric is required?
  • Geometry. Twist level has a huge impact on the “hand” or feel of a fabric.  The more twist added to a yarn makes it rounder.
  • Residual shrinkage. Pre shrinking yarns helps stabilize a fabric which will see elevated temperatures and/or moisture.
  • Tensile and elongation characteristics.
  • Hybrid yarn considerations.  An example would be combining a fragile conductive yarn with a stronger nylon or polyester as a support.

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